Self love, food and self worth.

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Can you look in the mirror and say “I love myself, all of my imperfections, even my extra pounds"
If your answer is yes…then you are very blessed with that rare illusive quality that includes most women.
Unfortunately, the majority of women will say no or that they actually go out of their way not to look in the mirror.
Living the life you have and loving the one body you’ve been given is not easy, but it is necessary to you achieving lasting weight loss, your ideal body and having the life you have always desired.
Loving the body you’ve got does not mean that you have to settle and stay the same weight or that you should no longer work to improve your health and achieve your fitness goals. What it means is saying “No More” to diets and deprivation. It means turning your focus towards things you love that bring you pleasure and make you FEEL alive and radiant!
The reason diets, don’t work, is because when we solely focus on our weight, on being on a diet, we stop living a life of joy and pleasure. We stop doing what we love and enjoy because we are so obsessed with losing weight and not being good enough. That is what we are telling ourselves repeatedly by staying in the obsessive diet mentality, we are saying “I am not good enough, my body is not good enough, and guess what you gain more weight!
The only way you will stop the cycle is to step back, breath and take back your control, food is a medicine a source of vital life force, working with a weight coach supports you every step of the journey, ensuring you meet your goals. It’s every penny of investment and will change your thought patterns for life. 

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